Our Philosophy

Respect for tradition is very close to our heart. Leather goods, particularly of good quality, have become rare and precious, a work of art that deserves to be preserved. We believe in more reasonable consumption with a smaller number of acquisitions but of a higher quality. If treated lovingly, they will remain in perfect condition and only changes in fashion will encourage you to acquire new goods.

The Group

Saphir is part of the company AVEL founded in 1977 by Alexandre Moura. It belongs to the family group ALMA FRC. In order to complete its range and to access different market segments, ALMA FRC in the last 10 years has acquired specific companies with in-depth knowledge of the product and recognised brands: Tarrago, Shoe-eze, Debe, La Cordonnerie Anglaise and Dasco.

A global targeted acquisition policy has allowed ALMA F.R.C to combine unparalleled expertise with worldwide well-known brands, the oldest of which dates back to 1872 classified as EPV, Living Heritage Company. Our presence now extends to 5 continents in more than 80 countries, with our best ambassadors.

The Family

The name of AVEL comes from the initials of Marc Moura (current president of the company) parents and grandparents: Alexandre, Valentine, Edmée et Lucien. Lucien passed on his knowledge to his son Alexandre by always working as a team. Marc Moura joined the family company after his graduation from his Business and Management degree and his early experience in a global US corporation.

In 2004, Alexandre passed the leadership to his son Marc. The business has evolved from generation to generation. This creates a strong sense of identity and vision in respect of tradition and family values that have been transmitted for three generations.


From plants with superpowers to bees providing sustainable ingredients, we achieve unparalleled results, our products are powered with innovative integrity. Our uncompromising demand for quality yields the superior textures, brilliant colours and revolutionary formulas that have gained our customers’ trust.

“In collaboration with leather-craft makers and in response to a specific demand, we are constantly innovating and creating products.” Brigitte, chemist in Saphir Laboratory.

Environmentally Friendly

All the packagings of Saphir Médaille d’Or are chosen for its 100% recyclable proprieties and all our accessories are made from natural elements such as wood, leather, horse hair, etc…. We source our raw materials when possible close to our factory, respecting social and environmental standards. Saphir strives to minimise our carbon footprint by limiting the use of air transport, promoting the use of renewable energies and, wherever possible, transporting our goods by sea, rail or road.

Commitment to heritage

Saphir is actively involved in the organisation to help maintain the Château de la Mercerie, dubbed the small Versailles Charentais, that is located a few hundred metres from our facilities. This rich architectural heritage had been neglected for years but, it has now been taken over by a local association that allows the restoration and preservation of this stunning chateau. Born from the mad dream of Réthoré, two art connoisseur brothers engaged in the construction of a remarkable palace that was published in the Guinness Book of World Records as the widest facade of the 20th century.

Vision for the Future

With its unique acquired savoir-faire, its French traditional production and natural ingredients, Saphir continues to create leather care, beautifying the leather and extending the life span of your goods for the most demanding professionals and customers.

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