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Because of its very high concentration of nutritious components and waxes, shining once per week after wearing them few times is enough. Everyday if there is a mirror shine on the shoes, you can buff them with a pig hair brush or with a shining cloth. Just in case you has been through an extremely bad weather, water, snow, you should let them dry peacefully with a wooden shoetree away from any height and then you should shine them. (We advice to not wear your shoes everyday, in order to leave the leather time to dry and rest that way you would be able to extend their life time).

Bag, not like shoes, are not in permanent and direct contact with dirt and water so they don’t get that much dirty and don’t need that much cleaning, feeding and recolouring.

If you take care twice a year of your bag that you use moderately would be good enough.

After buying nice shoes, you want them to keep their original shape to look as nice as the first day you bought them. By using wooden shoetrees, you will be able to do so.

The leather is flexible if you don’t use a shoetree, your shoes will naturally bent and wrinkle especially at the front part. The shoetree should put just right after you take off your shoes in order for them to get back to their original shape when the leather is still warm and humid.

You have different material and shape for shoetrees. The best one in most of the case would be the one recommended by your shoemaker because the shape usually perfectly match the shape of the shoes. You can easily by yourself find the proper shoetree for your shoes by putting the shoetree in your shoes and touching them, the wood should completely fill the shoe and you should have any empty space when you touch it. Always go for the full last shoetree and use only wooden shoetree for the shoe to be able to dry properly.

Some people don’t like to have shiny shoes, however the leather still needs to be nourished in order to prevent from cracking. Using a conditioning product will help to clean, condition and protect your shoes.

There is no need to be alarmed, it is normal for the waxes to dry and crack. It does not impact the effectiveness of the product. On drying the concentration of hard wax is increased by evaporation of turpentine (natural essence of pine), allowing for an easier shine to be achieved.

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