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Suede, Nubuck & Microfibre

Suede, Nubuck & Microfibre

Suede and Nubuck leathers are cherished for their soft and supple texture. To keep the suede soft and nice looking, nutrition and protection is the key element. Our protective sprays will create a layer that shields the leather from water, dirt and grease without leaving any synthetic silicons or resins. If you find that your suede has been stained or dirt has accumulated in the fibres, our Suede Shampoo and cleaners will easily get rid of it and if the colour of your suede starts to fade over time, our Renovating spray will revive the colour and condition the leather, bringing it back to its original appearance. Saphir is the only company that has created a renovating spray for suedes with a formula that contains vegetal oil in order to maintain the silky touch and suppleness of these delicate leathers.

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