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Total Care Patent Leather Material Tag

Sneaker CreamSneaker Cream
Sneaker Cream

Nourish, shine, and protect

2 colors available

Créme Surfine 01 BlackCréme Surfine 02 Neutral
Crème Surfine

Moisturise and nourish and recolour smooth leather

85 colors available

Amiral Gloss
Amiral Gloss

For a quick and easy glaçage

2 colors available

Crème UniverselleCrème Universelle
Crème Universelle

Gently clean, protect, shine and maintain suppleness

2 colors available


Clean, nourish and refresh the colour

26 colors available

Pâte de Luxe
Pâte de Luxe

Revitalise, recolour and polish smooth leather

9 colors available

Crème de LuxeCrème de Luxe
Crème de Luxe

Protect, nourish and polish smooth leather

13 colors available