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Renovator Liquid Balm for Leather

Colour:01 Black

Enables easy maintenance of all smooth leathers thanks to its enriched liquid formula. Nourishes, protects, recolors and shines. The Avel Liquid Renovator Balm was previously enriched with mink oil, which is gradually being replaced by macadamia oil.
This macadamia oil is vegetable, thus not of animal origin, rich in proteins and fatty acids. It is besides much used in cosmetic for the skin because it is very hydrating without being fat.

Remarks :
- Quantity sufficient for several applications on a sofa seating three and 2 armchairs.
- Use sparingly.
- Apply with fluff-free Cotton Cloth.
- Before using this product, carefully clean your leather with Cleaning Regenerating Soap, see below.
- Afterwards, put on a shine (for example with a Shining Glove below).
- To choose a colour, order a paper Colour Chart below.

Can 500 ml (code: 4024)